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At this point in time we do not sell fresh fruit to the public. We sell freeze-dried melting tablets which dissolve on the tongue.

Fresh fruit is highly perishable. Its glycoprotein Miraculin breaks down within 1-3 days at room temperature.

For the purpose of alleviating a disturbed taste, the melting tablets are just as effective as fresh fruit and much more convenient for the user. 

Fresh fruit requires cold transport via express air freight. We only use this method when we send fresh fruit to researchers and hospitals; it is costly and time consuming as the airport can be up to 3 hours from our farm. 

Our fresh Rubyberries are currently out of season. 

If we miss your call, it’s probably because we’re tending to our Miracle fruit trees.
Please leave us a message, so we can return your call as soon as possible.
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