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It definitely works, Rubyberry gave me my taste buds back. I lost 26 kgs through chemo because I could not taste food. I am so happy I tried them, they worked for me. Losing our taste buds is an obvious problem as we need nourishment to keep us healthy. I discussed this with my Oncologists and they were happy for me to try the Rubyberry Miracle tablets. I hope I can help you if you have the problem I have. God Bless.
— Judith, Queensland

We tried your tablets after my partner completed 33 radiation treatments following cancer surgery on his face and neck.

As a result of this radiation treatment, he lost his taste for food - “everything tastes like eating cardboard” - and he struggled to eat a decent meal.  When he tried sucking a Rubyberry tablet just before a meal this all changed and he was able to taste his food once more and began to enjoy his meals once more.  

After taking two lots of tablets (24 tablets), he was lucky enough to slowly regain his taste and now he can eat normally.

We are very grateful that we happened to see your segment on ‘Landline’. We will certainly recommend your product to anyone we encounter with loss of taste.
— Diana, New South Wales

After chemo my husband had a problem eating because nothing tasted right, everything tasted the same, his cup of tea, his cup of coffee, his glass of wine, every meal. It was becoming a challenge to find anything to cook and as he was losing weight it was making life very difficult for both of us.
We had recently moved to be closer to our daughter and her husband and they liked to invite us to enjoy a lunch with them, mostly we had to turn them down because Dave just had no interest in food.

We found the Rubyberry site on the net and although Dave said they won’t work I ordered some just to see. After the first Rubyberry we were both amazed at the difference they made, they now take pride of place on our table and when we are invited out for a meal they are the first thing that goes in my handbag. Just a simple tablet placed on the tongue before a meal and the enjoyment of eating, drinking and most importantly tasting is restored.
— Jean and Dave, Western Australia


In November 2015, I was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma in my tongue, resulting in the removal of half of the tongue and lymph glands in the throat. Following this I had six weeks of radiotherapy, resulting in the loss of taste buds and saliva glands. I have been left with a very dry mouth and a metallic taste in my mouth. I now have no joy in eating or drinking as everything I eat or drink has a sour taste.
Through a newspaper article I found that Miracle fruit gave me some relief, but was unable to acquire a regular supply of the berries. I was introduced to Chris Beckwith and Karen Pereira by a mutual friend who had informed them of my plight. They contacted me and advised me that they may be able to help with my problems. They sent me a supply of Miracle fruit melting tablets to try, Viola! The results were nothing short of amazing. After using the tablets I found that my taste was restored for about an hour after using one. I am now able to enjoy the foods and drinks that were tasteless before by using these wonderfull tablets.
I will be eternally grateful to Chris and Karen for their help, care and advise for it has changed my life and outlook. Thank you with all my heart.
— Gene L, Cairns North Queensland

ABC Rural Story by Renee Cluff

We’re so pleased to receive this coverage and hope to reach out not only to health professionals but to the thousands suffering daily with a continuous and horrid metallic taste.

My name is Mary and I am 59 years old.  I was first diagnosed with a head and neck cancer in 2013 and had chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
I have altered taste since then:  fruit, meat, vegetables alcohol.  I often checked with those around me if something was bitter or metallic because I didn’t know if it was me or the food.
Rubyberry has changed that.  I had my first glass of champagne in five years the other day and it was WONDERFUL!  Rubyberry help food that I have avoided taste better and so I find I enjoy eating more than I have for years.
Thank you for supplying this product.
— Mary, New South Wales


Here are two American heath care professionals and what they have to say about the freeze dried Miracle fruit melting tablets.

"I recommend these tablets to all my patients with taste alterations."  - Nanette Castellano - Lynn Cancer Institute

"These really help people going through chemo. Thank you." - Sheila Kelley, The Cancer Connection

Hon Warren Entsch MP - Member for Leichhardt, Queensland


Cairns Post 25 May 2017

Cairns Post 25 May 2017

Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette 12 January 2017

Port Douglas & Mossman Gazette 12 January 2017